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Veloprojects is a internet mapping site providing information on bicycle rides in and around San Diego and Southwest Riverside Counties. This site is intended to help cyclists from in town or out of town find rides that specifically meet their training needs. Whether it is a long slow ride or a brutal leg busting climbing route you will be able to find it here. The site is a work in progress and will be continually updated. If you have any ride suggestions please email me! bmolloy@veloprojects.com

What you will find here

Please look at the Ride Maps pages to find rides that suit you. You can select a map by location using the county map and clicking on the ride you want, or look at each ride specifically. Rides are broken down into region, length and elevation profile. Once you find a ride you like, click on the link to that ride to get the full ride summary. The ride summary includes the ride overlaid on an active Google Map, the elevation profile of the ride and even a Google Earth .kml file that lets you fly through the course.

Thank you for taking a look at my site. As always this is a work in progress! I am by no means a web designer, just a guy who doesn't like to get lost on his bike. If you have any site suggestions or even better RIDE SUGGESTIONS please email me. @ bmolloy@veloprojects.com

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Veloprojects.com features active Google Maps. Change locations, zoom in for better detail and click on balloons for special ride information.

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